Nitrile Exam Glove-Rose-200ct


BAYLAB USA's Performance Collection 100% Nitrile Examination Gloves provide excellent strength, stretchable durability and barrier protection against incidental contact and environmental contaminants during procedures and examinations. Our nitrile gloves have 510(k) clearance and are CE marked.

More puncture resistant than latex, this allergy-safe, powder-free disposable glove can handle the toughest jobs out there where safety is an absolute-must. Our high-performance gloves conform to the shape of your hand and it’s warmed by your body heat so you’re always working with a comfortably snug fit. Our gloves’ greater dexterity allows for easier movement and tactile sensitivity, allowing practitioners to focus on doing what they do best.  

  • 100% nitrile gloves contain no natural latex
  • Textured fingertips for better grip
  • Powder Free
  • 510(k) clearance and CE marked
  • 3.5 mil±0.3mil thickness at fingertips
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Rolled cuff and smooth finish
  • Form fitting for greater dexterity and sensitivity
  • Puncture and tear resistant